The Wise By Nature evolution : One smoothie at a time.

Jun 16, 2023Alexandra Dostie

Since our beginnings in 2021, a lot of smoothies have flowed under the bridge. Our little Longueuil company has made a name for itself. In less than a year, Quebec people have adopted our smoothie blends as part of their daily routine. In less than 12 months, we've reached 400 points of sale.


William (owner) - ''It's a funny thing, given that our product is new in its category, grocers weren't sure where to position it.''

The latest technology in our products, commonly known as freeze-drying, allows fruit to be picked when fully ripe, without transporting its water content. And needless to say, this technology preserves nutritional value, taste and color.

Since our products are in dried powder form, with a one-year expiration date, we can easily expand our various sales outlets. In fact, don't be surprised to see Wise in pharmacies very soon. Scoop!

Today, we're still thinking big. In 2023, we're trying to woo our Ontarian neighbors. People here in Quebec, are too wise to think we'd stay just in Quebec with a name like that (Pssst! see our next article for the reasons behind the Wise By Nature name).

One smoothie at a time, we'll make eating cold-dried fruits and vegetables accessible.

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