About ingredients

Cold drying (freeze-drying) uses advanced technology to remove the water content from a food while preserving all its organoleptic qualities. First, the food is flash-frozen, then placed in a vacuum that causes the ice to sublimate as water vapor. Once the water has been removed, the fruit and vegetables lose 85-95% of their initial weight. The process of drying food without heating it, prevents deterioration of : flavor, color, fiber and nutritional value are fully preserved. The final product can be safely stored at room temperature for several years. No refrigeration is required.

A naturally occurring sugar alcohol derived from organic corn. It is found naturally in certain fruits (pears, grapes, melons), vegetables (mushrooms) and fermented foods (miso, soy sauce). It has a low impact on blood sugar and insulin levels (suitable for diabetics). Unlike sugar, it does not cause tooth decay. Some studies also suggest that erythritol may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Approved in vegan diets and organic standards. We like to use erythritol in our recipes because it has a fresh, sweet mouthfeel, which is a winner in a smoothie!

You'll find the Nutritional Facts tables in the photo carousel for each product, specifically the third photo. Click here to go there.

All our products are gluten-free. The oats used in our smoothies are also certified gluten-free.

All our products are vegan.

They contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Our blends are enjoyed by many children and pregnant/nursing women. However, please note that three of our flavors contain theine or caffeine. Specifically, Wake-Up (caffeine), Bollywood (black tea) and Senteï (green tea).

As individual restrictions may vary, we advise you to consult a health professional with any questions you may have.

For a complete list of ingredients, click on thislink and select the flavour of your choice.

Where, when, how and why

The products require no refrigeration or freezing, as they are in powder form. Freeze-dried fruit, added yellow pea protein and no added sugar makes them ideal for enjoying a varied daily diet quickly. With a short list of ingredients, Wise focuses on the simplicity of healthy food. The mixes can also be used as an ingredient to be combined with a culinary recipe.

A smoothie to accompany your breakfast, as a snack or incorporated into a recipe such as a popsicle, in a smoothie bowl, mixed into a bowl of yogurt, in muffin mix, etc.

We're usually located in the organic products section. You can locate the store nearest you via our store locator right here. If you can't find our products in the grocery store, don't hesitate to ask the store manager!

We don't have any samples for sale. All our samples are intended for promotion and events such as grocery store tastings and exhibitions.

Here's how our team makes their smoothies every morning:

Put a cup of liquid in the blender container (see our recommendations in the product section of our website).

Next, make sure you add a good 3 tablespoons of powdered blend. If your smoothie is too dense for your taste, simply reduce the amount of powder in your spoons. If it's too liquid, do the opposite! Fill your spoons even more.

Add a few ice cubes and blend in a blender until all the ice cubes are reduced.

Enjoy :)

Pssst!Don't forget to close the bag tightly after use to prevent moisture from penetrating.

We indicate an expiry date of one year. Be sure to close the bag tightly with the integrated seal, to prevent moisture from entering. If it comes into contact with moisture, the powder can clump together.

Orders & deliveries

Your order tracking information will be sent directly to your e-mail address as soon as your order is shipped. You need to consider the time it takes for the delivery company to pick up your order (usually very fast!), then enter the delivery process (at which point your tracking number will be active), and finally arrive at your doorstep!

Write to us at info@wisebynature.com and we'll take care of it!

We only ship within Canada at this time.

For purchases of $49.99 or more, delivery is free (equivalent to 6 bags or the discovery box). Otherwise it's $9.99, no matter how much you buy or where you live.