Our story

Wise By Nature was founded in 2019 by William Cadieux, restaurateur, and travel enthusiast.

I am a food-obsessed person. From my grandfather's garden, in the kitchen under my mother's skirts, to the opening of my own restaurant... as far back as I can remember, I find joy in valuing food.

For the fun of it, I love to wander around food exhibitions in search of new trends and revolutionary solutions. Let's just say that this is also a great pretext for traveling. It was precisely during a visit to a food innovation fair in Paris that I discovered the cold-drying technology: freeze-drying. I saw this as a unique way to prevent food loss, with the ability to preserve fruits and vegetables forever by removing their water content. And all this, while keeping their nutritional properties. Wise By Nature was then born… but exclusively for food service!

And yes, initially intended only for breakfast restaurant chains, cafes, spas, our products allow owners to deliver delicious smoothies without storing dozens of perishable foods. In addition to avoiding waste, our powder products are great for their small spaces, and without refrigeration. Following the closure of restaurants during the pandemic, the company quickly looked into the potential of offering its products to individuals. The reflection was short-lived.

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Now, in 2023, the company offers its 6 best instant smoothie recipes to the retail and foodservice & institutional sectors. Freeze-dried 100% pure fruit is also offered to both sectors.

Wise By Nature offers the best of nature. The natural range of freeze-dried foods and healthy ingredients is perfect for enjoying the benefits of a varied diet quickly and to the full.

Join us in your quest for well-being.